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What's in a Name?

by Patricia Jaliu |  | 239 comments

Branding is probably the single most important part of a business, especially a creative business. When I sought out to revamp the Mineral Forest website a few years ago, I had no idea I would end up with a whole new logo. But as fate would have it, once the web design process was underway, it became very clear that a whole new approach was necessary. After reaching out to various graphic artists and either not being able to work with particular ones I felt incredibly inspired by due to time constraints, or simply not feeling excited by others referred to me, the waiting game resulted in the perfect person surfacing. I am a hard core believer of allowing the universe to bring forth the best solution in divine timing. And hence Hope Hilton of Field Work responded to my inquiry. 

After some initial brainstorming, the first round of ideas was presented. The very first option was "MF", but the font resembled Viking Runes. My first response was that it is too esoteric. People won't get it. But reviewing the other choices brought me straight back to the first one. I thought, the ONLY way this can work is if the symbolic meaning of the runes correlates with the Mineral Forest esprit de corps. In my mind, I was giddy and curious to see if a magic trick was up Hope's sleeve. Was she aware of the runes and their meanings? Did she intuitively come to such a design, not knowing what truth lies behind it? Or did she know perfectly well what these glyphs symbolized? At this point I was really hoping the meanings made sense...

The first sign that she was onto something is that the very first rune in the alphabet is the criss-crossed M. Mannaz or man represents the Self. I got the first set of chills up my back. Nervously, I skipped down to Fehu. It's number 11 in the alphabet. OK, now there is some serious synchronicity going on at this point. Fehu stands for possessions, cattle or wealth. Together, they reveal Man and his possessions, wealth. 

Viking RunesI

Nordic Runes Meanings

Well, to some, this may sound superficial at best, extremely materialistic and narcissistic at worst. But stay with me here. If you understand the true symbolism, it could not be more aligned. Mineral Forest is about experiencing beauty in one's life everyday. We are, after all, the center of our universe, not from an egoic perspective but rather from a deep Soul view. It is the infinite Self at the core of being, which we share with all of existence. And, our Soul has incarnated on Earth to have a material experience, after all we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

At this point, there was no turning back. It could not be a more perfect marriage between our identities and how we outwardly express ourselves through the tools we choose to carry along with us on our life journey. What inspires us and the act of selecting items that we adorn ourselves or our surroundings with is an intentional practice that can be meditative and helps to anchor us in our everyday reality.

I encourage you to follow magic in symbolism. There is so much wealth to be discovered in the hidden or unknown. Names are identity and where one can find truth.

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