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Peruvian Opal Pink Opal Rose Gunmetal Chain Necklace
Peruvian Opal Pink Opal Rose Gunmetal Chain Necklace
Peruvian Opal Pink Opal Rose Gunmetal Chain Necklace
Peruvian Opal Pink Opal Rose Gunmetal Chain Necklace

Peruvian Opal & Triple Rose Gunmetal Chain

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$ 455.00


Peruvian Opal is paired with rose gunmetal chain and is handmade in collaboration with Great Dame in Athens, GA. These stones are particularly beautiful, boasting soft and milky pinks and greys.

Also known as Pink Opal, Peruvian Opal is considered to be a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Inca Goddess of Fruitfulness and Mother Earth, and is wonderfully soothing for children and animals, and adults overwhelmed by life. It is particularly useful for healing old emotional wounds, from this life or another, bringing an inner peace to carry one through difficult times. Andean stones promote right action for the highest good and stimulate connection with others and communication from the heart. They increases awareness of the need to heal the Earth, and are useful for those who manifest and transmute the changing vibration through their own body. Peruvian Opal is an excellent journeying stone, highly receptive, inducing a mild hypnotic state for enhancing divination and metaphysical gifts. These stones carry Water energy, and are great for activating the Heart and Throat Chakras.

Pink Opal vibrates at a more gentle frequency and this enhances its calming and soothing effect on the emotional body. Pink opal clears and calms the heart and brings a sense of love, peace, and tranquility to one’s aura. It can be used or worn to keep one’s connection to the angelic realms open and clear. Pink Opals can also enhance cosmic consciousness and bring joy and creativity. They are sometimes used when a keen sense of intuition is required.

 peruvian opal and triple vintage rose gunmetal chain

◇ average stone size 0.75 inch

 necklace length 17 inches

 gunmetal lobster clasp

tagged with antique brass branding charm

◇ chain is vintage and may have slight variations/inconsistencies in color


Katherine Ball of Great Dame is an elemental artist, singer- songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Athens, GA. With an MA from UGA, Katherine mines her own gemstones and pairs raw, precious, and semi-precious stones with antique and early 20th century metals from across the world to create minimalist and statement-worthy pieces.

Peruvian Opal & Triple Rose Gunmetal Chain